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Heating Services
Hard cold days of Winter have fewer hours of sun/daylight.  Warm your home with service from Chastain Heating & Air.

Air Conditioning Services
Long hot days of Summer have more hours of daylight.  Beat the heat with service from Chastain Heating & Air.
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Residential Services Provided by Chastain Heating & Air, Inc.
Chastain Heating & Air, Inc. provides excellent and professional service for both residential and commercial systems.

Residential Services

We offer service, sales and installation of quality heating and air conditioning systems.
Used for more homes than any other an indoor/outdoor system is usually composed of two interconnected units: one that’s placed inside your home and one outside your home.  Many manufactures offer three types:


This system is the most common and is designed to handle a range of temperatures and climate conditions.  From mild springs to sweltering summers to frozen winters, this system covers them all.

All-Electric Heating & Cooling

Normally found in areas where gas heat isn’t an option, this system is known for energy efficiency in nearly any climate.

Heritage Hybrid
Heritage Hybrid Comfort Systems

By combining two different energy sources, this system provides ultimate flexibility when confronted with unpredictable utility costs.  This will help you save money as well as reduce your energy consumption.

SYSTEM SERVICE:  Should you require service on your current home.  Our skilled technicians have the knowledge to diagnose, adjust, or repair your system so that you maintain total comfort all year long.

SYSTEM MAINTENANCE:   Your system is just like your automobile, it runs more efficiently when you have it maintained regularly.  All manufacturers recommend system checkouts in the spring and fall.  Your furnace should be checked out prior to the heating season to make sure your pilot/burners/flame sensors  are clean and there are no combustion leaks.  If you have a heat pump, your system should also be inspected & cleaned twice a year.  Your defrost operation & emergency backup heat should be checked out as well.  Your ductwork should be checked too for tears or leaks which decrease your systems ability to heat your home & increases your energy bill too.  Our goal is for you to maintain total comfort all year long. 

Residential Services
We repair and service all types of air conditioners and furnaces as well as provide spring and fall checks to ensure your system will operate at maximum efficiency.

Commercial Services
Should you require service on your current business. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge to diagnose, adjust, or repair your system so that you are comfortable all year long. We offer sales, service, andinstallation of heating and air conditioning systems for your commercial property.

For more suggestions on ways to keep your home/office cool, or to help your system work more efficiently, click on the our Servicing Tips tab on our menu bar.
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We have no way of knowing when your system will break down, but we do know the type of service you will receive when you call us.

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