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Heating Services
Hard cold days of Winter have fewer hours of sun/daylight.  Warm your home with service from Chastain Heating & Air.

Air Conditioning Services
Long hot days of Summer have more hours of daylight.  Beat the heat with service from Chastain Heating & Air.
Products Installed and Serviced by Chastain Heating & Air, Inc.

Chastain Heating & Air, Inc. provides excellent and professional service for both residential and commercial systems.

We Provide Expert Service and Custom Installation

Air conditioners Air conditioners
We install and service air conditioners which cool the hottest days with reliability you can count on year after year.

Air Cleaners Air cleaners
Available in your choice of models, from standard filters to fully integrated air filtration systems, air cleaners can remove up to 99.98% of airborne allergens from the filtered air in your home.

Furnaces Furnaces
Gas, Electric, and Hybrid furnaces that we install and service keep your home as warm as you need it, with minimal fuel usage.

Heat Pumps Heat pumps
A heater in the winter and an air conditioner in the summer, heat pumps always employ the utmost energy efficiency.

Air Handlers Air handlers
Air handlers circulate newly cooled or heated air into every corner of your home.

Thermostats Electronic Thermostats
This vital part of your heating and cooling system provides finite control over the temperature ranges in your home.  You can control the time and day start and end periods for different temperature ranges to reduce energy waste while you are away but still provide a comfortable environment while at home.

Indoor cooling coils Indoor cooling coils
This vital part of your air conditioner transfers indoor heat outside, leaving air that is cool, comfortable and conditioned inside.

Zoning Systems Zoning Control Systems
These systems can allow you to set the individual comfort environment you desire in each room of your house.

Zoning Systems Dehumidifiers
These systems remove unwanted water vapor from your rooms providing a much dryer environment.  These systems are particulary great in the South during those hot muggy days when it feels like your in a steam bath and may be helpful in reducing mold and ashma attacks.

Zoning Systems Humidifiers
These systems add water vapor into your home system and and may be helpful for those folks suffering from breathing issues or just need more moisture for a comfortable environment.

Residential Services
We repair and service all types of air conditioners and furnaces as well as provide spring and fall checks to ensure your system will operate at maximum efficiency.

Commercial Services
Should you require service on your current business. Our skilled technicians have the knowledge to diagnose, adjust, or repair your system so that you are comfortable all year long. We offer sales, service, and installation of heating and air conditioning systems for your commercial property.

For more suggestions on ways to keep your home/office cool, or to help your system work more efficiently, click on the our Servicing Tips tab on our menu bar.