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"Chastain Heating & Air was completely professional, honest, and a pleasure to work with."       - - Satisfied Customer

"Completely professional, honest, and a pleasure to work with."

Chastain Heating & Air, Inc.

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Servicing Tips Provided by Chastain Heating & Air, Inc.
Chastain Heating & Air, Inc. provides excellent and professional service for both residential and commercial systems.  If you’re having a problem with your system, try these simple tips.
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Hard cold days of Winter have fewer hours of sun/daylight.  Warm your home with service from Chastain Heating & Air.

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Long hot days of Summer have more hours of daylight.  Beat the heat with service from Chastain Heating & Air.


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Check These First:

Icon Plugin Is it getting power?
Check your fuses or circuit breakers to make sure they don’t need to be reset.   Remember, if your home’s power is out or disconnected, your system may not work.

Icon Thermo Is the thermostat set correctly?
Check to make sure they you have your themostat set correctly.  Make sure that it is not being influence by afternoon sun or a draft from a window. Both of these scenarios can trick your system to stay on too long or not long enough.

qbullet Did this resolve your heating and air problem?
          If not, click on the following links to troubleshoot more symptoms:

          Heating | Cooling | Airflow | Indoor Air Quality | Humidity | Noises and Smell

Additional Tips:

  1. Clean or change your filters every month - especially when it’s cold and your system is running a lot.  Normal dust build-up can reduce airflow by 1 percent per week.  A dirty filter will make your system work harder to heat your home.
  2. Have your unit cleaned and serviced.  You understand the need for checking the oil and fluid levels in your car... the same concept applies to your heating system. Your system runs more than most automobiles - don’t ignore the obvious.  A clean system runs better & more efficiently - the air can move freely through the coils.
  3. Work your drapes!  If your drapes or curtains block sunlight - open them to get free solar heat - then close them just before sunset.  Consider insulated curtains to increase your comfort.  Make sure all windows/doors are tightly sealed so warmed air won’t be lost.
  4. Move furniture away from vents & registers.  It’s true - but many people don’t realize that a couch blocking the vent is blocking the flow of heat into the room.  This wastes your money and makes the room cold.  With a forced-air system, blocking a supply or return vent can cause a house-wide pressure imbalance that disrupts the heat flow in the whole system.
  5. As much as possible, avoid in and out door traffic... such as children running in and out during play.  When the doors are opened repeatedly, you’re fighting a losing battle.  The systems are not designed to heat the outdoors.
  6. Lower your thermostat.  Each degree you lower the thermostat on your heating system decreases your fuel bill by 3 percent.  Going from 72 to 68 degrees won’t make that much of a difference in terms of comfort - but you will notice 12 percent less on your heating bill.
  7. Consider installing a programmable digital thermostat and set it to match your lifestyle - time you wake up - come home in the evening.  Set it to come on 30 minutes before you get up or come home so your home is warmed up for you - it doesn’t need to be as warm all day or all night.  If your system is a heat pump, it’s generally not recommended for the heat mode see US Dept of Energy link on thermostats and controls by

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